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Original IPs & Great Stories Propel Us Beyond Publishing.

Cruikshank & Wallace is a creator-driven media company developing original IPs into globally-recognized brands. Based in Los Angeles and New York, we collaborate with clients to introduce our novel characters with compelling stories to move beyond traditional print publishing.


We've launched recent IPs like Kitty Cones & Peanut Bear whose books have sold 120k+ copies domestically with new titles and publishing partners growing rapidly. Whether it's focusing on developing an evergreen series or a studied, trend centric book, we partner with some of the best publishers in the world to bring readers memorable experiences.

We bring a proven track record of success with our own IPs but our experience includes taking a passionate yet thoughtful deep dive into the marketplace to find gaps we can fill and or be innovative in. Our series of DC heroes origin picture books for Viking sold over 250k copies and were translated into nine languages. The Story of Honk-Honk-Ashoo went from a single picture book to a full end-cap in Target stores consisting of books, toys, and playsets.

Creating books for us isn't a job, it's a life long passion. We've worked on the inside and outside of the industry as fans, illustrators, writers, art directors, and agents. We know print and it's artistry which includes collaborating with the best writers and artists in the world. Whether it's an evergreen series or a studied, trend centric book, we take pride in beautifully designed books and partner with some of the best publishers in the world to bring readers memorable experiences.


As we develop IPs for print, we also consider when and where it makes sense to partner with film or television and transform our content into a global brand. We may nurture a series in print first or work symbiotically with partners for a more broad-reaching launch to help cross-sell on each platform. Having experience as creators and producers in the entertainment industry, we thoughtfully act as curators carefully planning our marketing strategy for each of our IPs.


Decades of experience with some of the biggest toy companies and consumer product names and retailers help C&W solidify its marketing power for its published brands. Kitty Cones has grown from a variety of book formats to toys, stationery, apparel, and more.


Designed for Scale

Our business model focuses on the *$1.9bn children's publishing market and building brands beyond publishing to strengthen book sales. By using best-in-class licensing and entertainment partners we'll not only increase revenue, but we'll also help create successful programs for our publishing partners. Kitty Cones collectible toys sold over 200K units at mass and specialty retailers such as Wal-mart, Claires, and Gamestop helping build brand awareness and resulting in over 100k initial books sold and more titles in the works. *IBIS world

High Growth Potential

C&W develops books and brands for categories ranging from preschool to middle grade and young adult. We create original books for a child from their earliest years to when they are 18 to reinforce brand loyalty from the onset and to highlight our range of creativity. Our work doesn't stop at the book creation end either. We work closely with publishers to supply them with marketing and social media assets such as animated trailers innovative mobile games, and apps, all to help build excitement, grow a fan-base, and drive book sales.


Asett Library

Our extensive assets include trademarks and copyrights on multiple brands in the U.S. and Japan. We have a wide breadth of manuscripts and artwork for various books and IPs in the pipeline. In addition, C&Ws massive art vault includes material such as animations, comics, mobile games and iMessage stickers for marketing and social media. In addition, we've amassed a variety of style guides and product conceptualizations for consumer products licensing, model sheets and pitch bibles for entertainment, all to hit the road running.


Board & Picture Books


Middle Grade and Young Adult Books

The story behind C&W

Cruikshank & Wallace is dedicated to the life of John Wallace Skinner, a World War II veteran, who, at the age of 17, helped liberate the Buchenwald Nazi concentration camp in Germany. After the war, John returned home to Ohio, where he became the Director of the Salvador Dali Museum in Beachwood, the Director of the Cleveland Aquarium and proud owner of an independent book and print shop in downtown Cleveland. It was at this shop where C&W founder Ralph Cosentino met John Wallace Skinner. After attending The Cleveland Institute of Art, Ralph landed a design job at the studio above John’s book shop. After one visit, the two became lifelong friends. – John Wallace Skinner remained a great influence on Ralph’s life, artistic style, and his view of the world. John introduced Ralph to 18th-century British cartoonist and book illustrator, George Cruikshank, who also would become a source of inspiration in Ralph's career. – The logo for Cruikshank & Wallace of a bird fleeing its cage captures the feeling most people experience when they reach for a book off a shelf: the ability to escape from reality—if even for a brief moment—and let their imagination bring them somewhere new and unfound.

Who we are

We are led by a talented group of creators specializing in publishing and the brand management of compelling Intellectual properties.

We are led by a talented group of creators specializing in publishing and the brand management of compelling Intellectual properties.

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