The Origin of Honk-Honk-Ashoo

When our kids were little tikes I used to play a game with them where I would pretend to be sleeping on the couch, and they would tip toe around me. I'd pretend to be snoring then suddenly jump up and grab the closest one near me and we'd all have a giggle fest as I took turns snatching each one of them.

One day our son was doodling a nondescript character and we asked who it was. He replied it's "Honk-Honk-Ashoo! It's you snoring dad!" The next morning, I couldn't get the name out of my head, I was in love with it! I asked all the kids to jump in bed with us so we could brainstorm what this "Honk-Honk-Ashoo character could be. The first thing out of my daughter mouth was, "Duh dad! It has to be a pillow-head!"  Thus, Honk-Honk-Ashoo was born.

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The story behind C&W

Cruikshank & Wallace is dedicated to the life of John Wallace Skinner, a World War II veteran, who, at the age of 17, helped liberate the Buchenwald Nazi concentration camp in Germany. After the war, John returned home to Ohio, where he became the Director of the Salvador Dali Museum in Beachwood, the Director of the Cleveland Aquarium and proud owner of an independent book and print shop in downtown Cleveland. It was at this shop where C&W founder Ralph Cosentino met John Wallace Skinner. After attending The Cleveland Institute of Art, Ralph landed a design job at the studio above John’s book shop. After one visit, the two became lifelong friends. – John Wallace Skinner remained a great influence on Ralph’s life, artistic style, and his view of the world. John introduced Ralph to 18th-century British cartoonist and book illustrator, George Cruikshank, who also would become a source of inspiration in Ralph's career. – The logo for Cruikshank & Wallace of a bird fleeing its cage captures the feeling most people experience when they reach for a book off a shelf: the ability to escape from reality—if even for a brief moment—and let their imagination bring them somewhere new and unfound.


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