About us

Cruikshank & Wallace is a creator-driven media company developing original IPs into globally-recognized brands.
Based in Los Angeles and New York, we create memorable characters, delightful stories and inspiring experiences!


We're experienced creators, writers, illustrators, and producers thoughtfully acting as curators to bring audiences unique content that evokes laughter, encourages kindness, and sparks imagination!

Our content is distributed on the world's best platforms and we work with partners to expand our audience on a variety of mediums and global channels of distribution.


As strong literacy proponents our stories and characters begin as published works or originate as video content that grows into book series.

We've launched recent series like Kitty Cones & Peanut Bear whose books have sold 250k+ copies domestically with new titles and publishing partners growing rapidly. We take great pride in our publishing work and strive to create books that will stay on shelves for generations!


Our team has decades of experience with some of the biggest toy companies, consumer product names, and retailers to help C&W solidify marketing power for its brands. We take a very collaborative approach with our licensing partners to create innovative products and collectibles. Kitty Cones has grown from books to apps, mobile games, toys, stationery, apparel, and more selling at mass and specialty retailers such as Wal-mart, Claires, and Gamestop.

Visit the Kitty Cones Site!

We bring a proven track record of success constantly looking for places within the marketplace to fill gaps and/or innovate. We are not just creators but fans as well! Our series of DC heroes picture books for Viking sold over 250k copies domestically and were translated into nine languages. The Story of Honk-Honk-Ashoo went from a single picture book to a full end-cap in Target stores consisting of books, toys, and play-sets.


Ralph Cosentino

is an Argentinian who grew up in New York, and is the son of flamenco dancers. He has been writing & illustrating children’s books for 15 years including his latest “Kitty Cones” and “Peanut Bear” series. Other books include, “The Story of Honk-Honk-Ashoo and Swella-Bow-Wow,” “The Marvelous Misadventures of Fun-Boy”, and the best selling, super-hero origin series for Viking Children’s Books; “Batman The Story of The Dark Knight,” “Superman The Story of the Man of Steel,” and “Wonder Woman the story of the Amazon Princess.” 

Ralph hopes to return to Argentina someday and become a gaucho. 

More about Ralph HERE.